W4CR And Some Solid Wind

So last weekend saw the Windsurf for Cancer event at Torpoint, Plymouth.With a 38 knot forecast it was all looking very exciting after a few weeks of no wind at all.

I woke to howling wind with the trees at some interesting angles! I got straight into the car and onto the ferry with very high hopes. about 40 minutes after i woke up i was rigging but unfortunately it had dropped and turned to a slightly gusty Easterly, Right the 5.2m Tushy Rock it was then, twinned with my RRD Twintip, not my favourite combo but still windsurfing none the less.

After about an hour the tide began to push higher and the wind with it, It actually ended up being a good session, although i was having a little bit of a mare with some of my moves!

I got out for a quick break just as Tim Cross from the Mount Batten Centre arrived who had also organised the event and has created Windsurf Plymouth to encourage people that you can windsurf Plymouth with a good bunch of like minded people.

So after chat he put up some of his new banners and gave me a few stickers to add to my collection on my sails (pictures below) and began helping him to ‘pimp’ windsurfing in Plymouth as well as flying the W4CR streamer from my sail.

As the wind came up more and more people joined us, up to the point there were lessons going on at the mosquito sailing club and about 15 of us out just up the road at St. Johns. Unfortunately I had to get out after about 6 hours as an old back injury started aching, but many more stayed out through the rain storms and lulls throughout the afternoon.

Big thanks to Tim Cross for organising the event and if your around this area please visit the site HERE


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