2 Exams And Summer Begins

Busy WWSo I have 2 Exams this week and then a few days left in Plymouth. It has been a sweet 3 years but i will be a little gutted to leave the west country’s wind and waves even though shall be making many visits back down here as i know many of the spots like the back of my hand now!

On the positive side of thing, I’m back at the beach lifeguarding this year, We had a very good team last year and most of them will be back which is good. As well as lifeguarding i will be spending a lot of my time windsurfing and *cough* Kitesurfing*cough*!! I really got into kiting last year and really started to progress learning how to raillie and raillie to switch and then started going for S-bends, This summer i will nail them! I won’t be giving up on the windsurfing though, and as soon as its 5.2m weather i will be out on my Tushy Rocks in the flat water trench or in the waves depending on the tides. I hope it will be a good summer and I should probably start looking around for a ‘real’ job pretty soon, but there are a few things on the cards! We shall see!

See you on the water/beach!!


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