A windy windy week!

This past week has been absolutely awesome, I’ve used my 3.7m rock more this week than I think I ever have before!!
It started off with32knots full power freestyle in the trench with rosco from wwwc in the morning of Tuesday followed by a wave session at Bracklesham in the evening, it was slightly too onshore but the waves were pretty chunky which was really nice actually.
Then Wednesday brought the real storm, 50knots, I turned up at west wittering debating whether to go for it, then decided why not! 3.7m and 80l waveboard in the flat it was!
At this point Adam Simms, Max Rowe and Ed Sinclair and Chris Murray turned up, it was awesome to sail with these guys in this wind as they were going really really big and had some huge crashes too!
It was extremely hard to do anything other than shiv-it’s and slicks for me as I was just way too over sailed! But some how the boys were doing huge switch kono’s on 4.2’s! Mad!
Anyway, looks like we are in for plenty more wind this weekend and hopefully a little bit of camera action with be up shortly after!

See you on the water.

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