Well the last two days have been just EPIC, we’ve had 4.7m flat water and waves and then 3.7m/4.2m conditions yesterday!
2 days ago i was trying out some new kit which i must say i loved and something just seemed to click and my freestyle suddenly got better!
Then yesterday wind again! started out on my 3.7 rock and 68 newave, got absolutely mauled by a chuncky wave in a lull so shot back in and changed up to my 4.2m,
this seemed to be ideal and got me out through the breakers in no time. It was nice to be out in the waves and good to see and feel that i haven’t lost it as its been a fair while! then came the freestyle and moves were getting thrown down left, right and centre, i started sticking my funnels and got a few esliders too! it’s nice to finally feel that my freestyle is coming together!
it was nice to see everyone out too, Max Rowe, John Palmer, Yeomans, Sam Ross, Whitey, Nik Baker to name but a few!

looks like less wind for a while but there we go, you cant have it all!

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