Well, It Came…

Well at about midday the wind came in enough to get the kite up, its was amazing!

I started off on my 10m North Rebel and my 5’6 Luke Young Quad surfboard, Now I’ve never tried the whole strapless surfboard kiting thing but I have got to say it was one of the best things I have done in a long time, so hard to stay on the board going out to start with but being able to get into the waves then surf them as if normal was just brilliant.

After about four or so hours the waves had disappeared so I shot back into the trench and had a few runs with Will who had just come out onto the water. After getting board not being able to jump I shot back to the car for my RRD 4X Twintip. On the way back to my kite everyone was getting out complaining that it had dropped. I was sure it would come back, and it did! just enough so that we were powered up but at the right strength to try some new more technical tricks! Will managed to get a few unhooked railies down as well as learning how to do jump transitions. I was absolutely stoked to have landed the dreaded kite-loop, although not a technical move it is bloody scary! and I did have a few very painful crashes learning them, but once I had landed the first one I landed another four! IDEAL!

Even more wind tomorrow so hopefully after work I will be back out my windsurf kit!


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