Instructor Course

Well after years of windsurfing and unofficial coaching and teaching I finally decided that I should really take my windsurfing career further so, Start Instructor course it was!

I was lucky that Sam Ross ( and 2xs ( had teamed up to offer a course at West Wittering, 2 minutes from my house!!! Ideal…

We’ve had it all:

Monday: 25 knots, relatively warm, Cross on.

Tuesday: 15-20 knots, Getting cooler, slight nip in the sea!

Wednesday: 12 knots, Cross off, 7 degrees at 9am and water at 15 degrees!

Thursday: 8-10 knots, Cross shore, 4 degrees at 9am and bloody cold!

But saying all this, I am enjoying it all. Although not fully new to me its learning the words to match what im doing that has helped!

Final day tomorrow so if all goes well I will be fully qualified and ready to work!!


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