Rippers Freestyle Camp, Final Day Report

So the good forecast for Sunday was looking so good for the kids and the tides were almost perfect for the flat water lagoons at Wittering. I got woken up by my alarm at about 0645 and checked Chimet and guess what…. 14knots onshore, Brilliant!!

I left it a while then at 0930 I made my way up to the beach to see what was what, the plan was for the kids to get out onto the water in the waves at high tide for some wobble and ride action as by this point the waves were reading at about 1.7m at 11 secs.

I also made my way out to see how it was and my god! The tide was pulling stronger than I can ever remember. I was sailing upwind and moving backwards, it was a little odd.

The kids got sent out and immediately shot down tide so that was soon called off! It was then decided that they would have a break and hold a competition at slack tide. The UKWA boys then turned up a gave a talk  on competition, how it runs and how they can get involved.

Slack tide came about and 6 of the kids where ready for the comp, With myself, Jamie and Julian judging Trevor manned the flags.

We held two rounds in very challenging and light conditions with all the kids doing extremely well, it was extremely hard to judge as it was pretty much impossible to even get up wind enough to get a good waveride!

All in all the weekend went well and everyone came out of the event with better knowledge of moves and also technique. It was nice to see that some of them had travelled up to 6 hours just to do the camp! Ideally some more wind would have been nice, but we cant have it all!

Pictures of the Event

Wind is looking good for the end of this week, so hopefully ill get out for some freestyle training!

See you on the water…


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