Sails and Boards for Sale

I have loads of kit for sale, get in contact with me on the email at the bottom of the post if you want pictures etc…

2007 Fanatic Newwave 68 Excellent condition, perfect hi-wind board awesome in the wave £280
2009 Tushy Rocks:

Black 3.7 Mint, not used much £165
Red 4.2 Good condition £130
Red 4.7 Good Condition £140
Red 5.2 Good Condition £130

Will do the whole lot for £500

2004 F2 Maui Project 8’0 70L good condition, small nose repair. £180

Tushingham Ultra RDM 370, very minimal use £200
One Masts RDM 400, excellent condition £150
One Masts RDM 430, excellent condition £150

For more info and Pictures email: k656 (at) live (dot) co (dot) uk



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