First full day and 2 harbour wall sessions

Yesterday was my first full day out here, had a good day, the clients started off on 6.5’s and the wind just kept building until it was perfect 4.7m weather. So it was a day of rigging and de-rigging!
I was sent out late afternoon on my 4.7 eclipse and the Goya Quad 84 and cranked straight upwind to the harbour wall. Being unsure of where the reef was I took it easy and didn’t go too far upwind as it started to get shallow pretty fast! Got some nice rides and really started to get used to riding on starboard and jumping on port, after 40 minutes or so I headed in to let Ads have a go but the waves weren’t quite there as the tide was a little high.
After work at about 6 we shot out for a quick hour on the 4.7’s again as the waves had come up a little and were looking nice from the beach. We had a good hour on the wall some ok waves about waist high but a slightly odd direction. Sailed back in the dark welcomed to the beach by a beer, can’t get better than that really!
O wait yes you can! It’s howling this morning poking like 3.7/4.2 weather and can see the wave at el cabezo from the apartment. Gonna be a good day!!!


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