New Year, New Sponsors…

It has come to that time of year where there are numerous sponsorship changes.

Having been on Tushingham for a fair few years I decided that a change was in order. Whilst my Tushies we very nice and did the job well I went on to test some of the 2012 sails on offer. After testing the Goya Eclipses I knew they were for me, They felt very responsive and were very nice and stable for both wave sailing and freestyle. they are also a little lighter than Eclipses of previous years and looks pretty awesome to!

As well as the sails i have chosen to ride the Goya Custom Quads. Again I tested a fair few but these boards just felt so nice, light under the feet, planted and got going so early. Having used these in onshore UK mush and cross shore waves in Tenerife I must say they are easily the best boards I have ever used. I am also using the Goya Air freestyle board, Having only just arrived in this country I have yet to put straps on it let alone use it, but the shape looks amazing and has lots of potential. I will report back on how it sails very soon!

One final bit of big news for me is that since I have now finished university I have some time on my hands. This winter/summer season I will be working for THE OTC out in Tenerife, Having spent two weeks out there just before Christmas I am really impressed with the setup they have got out there. Ideal conditions for Slalom, chop bothering and blasting inside the bay, awesome wave sailing on the harbour wall slightly further up wind, then even further upwind, lovely bowly waves for riding and jumping in Cabezo.

The centre itself has everything, from 7.5m down to 3.5m with sails from pretty much every brand, all rigged on their recommended mast, I have yet to see anywhere else like this and I think it is the perfect place to test the kit this way! Its the same with the boards, all the size, all the brands and all up to date with the latest seasons offerings! With chatty, friendly staff you couldn’t have a bad thing to say about the place! Flights can be found as cheap as £60 each way you could even have a long weekend in a shorty if the cold gets to much for you in the UK!

See you out there!


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