Back in El Medano

I have just arrived back in El Medano after being at home for Christmas, We have had two days of flat calm seas with not a breath of wind. The last couple of days there has been a swarm of Portuguese Man Of War jellyfish around the island with many being washed up in South Bay. We heard that Las Americas just west of us was packed full of them and therefore was unsurfable! We managed to grab a lift over there to have a look for a wave to surf as the lack of wind was getting a little much!

With a 1ft @ 12 second forecast we weren’t expecting much but actually it turned out to be head, maybe a little more high and really clean. Its the first time I have surfed there and really enjoyed it although it was packed beyond belief being a Sunday afternoon. After a nice hour and a half surf the wind kicked in and so did the darkness so we retired home for the evening.

Today was awesome, full power 4.7m weather most of the day, It was the first opportunity to try out my new Goya Air freestyle board and Oh My God! Being only 224.9 long and 63.8 wide I thought it may be a little sluggish but it was infact really fast onto the plane and really quick in a straight line. The board released really easily from the water and made popping the board easier than ever! The short nose made handling the chop interesting but you get this with most freestyle boards these days. After having a nice session Ads got out on it for a quick session and loved it as well (see photo)! All round the board was ace, really fast, good upwind and released easily. Also the 20cm MFC Pro UL fin made things even easier in the chop! Can’t wait for the next session on it!

Adam Lewis 1 Handed Funnel



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