Moderate Wind Days

After having a stint of fully overpowered 3.7m weather and mast high waves we have been given a little bit of a break to repair ourselves.

The past week has been 5.3m / 5.7m weather with small waves both in the bay and at the harbour wall, We have also started our mission to get some decent footage as Ads now has a very nice Sony Camcorder. This port tack thing has taken me a little while but i have now re-learnt forwards properly on port and have started to nail my backies a little more consistantly and am now going for push loops.

The centre is starting to get a little more busy now and the kit is pretty much ALL 2012 gear, its been really nice recently to hear from our clients that they are really impressed with the service we provide and the equipment we have and will definitely be coming back. It really is the best ‘rental centre’ i have seen although i guess I’m biased but the feedback proves this. Understandable really as flights are as cheap as £150 Return from gatwick and a hotel can be found at some really reasonable rates. Add to that its only a 4 hour flight from the UK and add to  that again that its warm can you get any more ideal??

Here are a few snapshots from a little sail inside the bay a few days ago, Super underpowered but some fun still to be had!


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