Light Wind In El Medano

The past 2 weeks or so have been a little light in El Medano, Tenerife. I say light, Its not full power 4.7m weather, still perfect for blasting around on 7.5’s.

Whilst light wind isn’t always a good thing my cuts on my feet have had chance to heal and we have also had a chance to work through the centre giving it a little spring clean as well as organising a few bits and bobs.

It has also give us a chance to de-rig our small sails and pack them away hoping to entice the wind back! (that didn’t work so well)

Now we have entered the stage where most us are just wishing for enough wind to get back out on our small kit in the waves, having just got  a new Goya Custom Quad 72 after chaining it for the 78 i’m quite excited to try it! Fingers crossed in comes back soon.

In the mean time, i’m slowly improving at my surfing and in times of need (lack of wind) the drinking too!!!!

Heres a nice picture I took the other day.. Enjoy.. I did!!!



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