Photography in Tenerife

Here at The Official Test Centre we have just had Bartek Jankowski, also know as BJ join us to provide windsurfers in our surrounding area with epic photos and videos.

Bj has now been here for just over a month and has already taken 1000’s of photos and produced an epic short movie which is soon to be released (Monday 2nd April) all over the internet. His photography skill no no-bounds and comes up with some brilliant angles and lighting.

If you windsurf in El Medano or if your coming on holiday with The Official Test Centre (OTC) be sure to tap him up for a photo/ video shoot to get that epic shot you can frame at home!

Very good rates: €25 for 1 hour of photos/video (approx 100 shot) or €40 for 2 hours.

He also does Go-Pro for that epic head/mast/boom cam video that you have always wanted! €30 1 hour, €50 2 hours and €30 euro to edit and produce your video….

Catch him at: or Email:

Here are a few of his shots!






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