Medano Delivers…

After a week or so of marginal wind cruising on big kit, the wind has finally arrived in Tenerife.

Today started off a little light most on 5.7’s but as the day went on the wind and swell get building up and up, eventually allowing us to rig the 4.7’s up which was a nice change!

With a few of us in the centre we managed to get out for a few power hours during the day followed by an awesome sail in the evening. being the first day of really wind it was packed everywhere, South Bay, Cabezo and The Harbour Wall were all full of windsurfers with the odd rogue kiter fading between waves on the inside (pain in the arse!)

Two events today spring to mind to some up my sessions today. Fist of all, the lunch time sail with our photographer BJ. We had a few waves that were about chest height which were nice and smooth over the reef at the wall which we shared, although I have done this before it just seemed to work really well this time with both of us getting nice hits followed by a good powerful bottom turn while we took it in turns to hit the lip, Perfect!!!

This evenings sail in Cabezo was also really really nice, so good jumping and some good riding to be had too. A few less people out than in the day which made life easier, I had a few lovely comfortable trips up the rocks but it turned out ok with all kit intact so alls good!

And of course, I finally managed to get out on my Goya Custom Quad 72, and WOW what an absolute dream, it turns really tight and hold really well through top and bottom turn. A much better choice for my weight out here in El Medano. Can’t wait to get a smaller sail on it and have a fully lit up session!



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