Mid May Update

So it has been a little quite here in Medano for a couple of weeks, lovely and warm but not much wind past 16 knots! Although it has been pretty nice to get on big kit and do slalom/blasting it does somehow get a little tedious. Therefore I have been doing a lot of mountain biking which has been pretty good, the level of some of the trails here are nice, quite a few good downhill section to reward you after some hefty climbs, I have found out a few times that loose ‘gravel’ over volcanic rock is rather sloppy and have washed out a few times but luckily with sufficient padding on it was ok!

I also managed to get back to the UK for a week or so which was really nice, it was nice to have that fresh ‘cool’ morning breeze that we just don’t quite get here. And of course nice to catch up with friends and family.

Now I’m back in Medano we have tarted up our centre a little more ready for the summer and have also got ourselves some nice SUP’s for the light wind days (more news on that to come!)

Yesterday was the first day, well evening of proper wind for a about 2 possibly 3 weeks, really nicely powered 5.3 weather with little waves in the bay, with the forecast looking a little weak for the following days we made the most of it.

But as I write this we have perfect side shore wind gusting 32 knots! Lovely!


See you on the water….


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