Fun Filled Photography and SUP’ing…

Its been quite a quiet month (May) which has given us chance to try out a few new toys out here at The Official Test Centre. We took delivery of our Red Paddle .Co SUP’s a while back but had just enough breeze to render them useless! Since having some nice calm flat days we are very very impressed by the boards, We have both the 9’6 all water and the 10’6 ‘Barge’!! Both super easy to paddle and can catch some nice little waves and the best thing is they bounce off of everything, whether that be rocks, other SUP’s or people. Recently though we have been trying the boards out in proper waves in Medano, on head high glassy sets at the point at the edge of South Bay. With flexy plastic fins turning tight wasn’t really an option but once you got used to them they were epic! The 9’6 could throw spray in the top turn while the 10’6 could gun down the line and trim up and down the wave with ease. I can 100% recommend trying these. On another note I have spent a little bit of time behind the lens again getting some nice pictures in El Cabezo on some of the lighter wind days, This time I was let loose with a lovely Cannon 7D and a super nice 100-400 lens! Check out the shots, some really nice colours and good action for a small windless wave! The forecast is looking pretty good for the following week so i’m hoping to get some sailing in and would also like to get back out with the camera and see what I can produce!


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