Freestyle Back Home

After 9-10 months being away in Tenerife I have arrived back home in West Wittering for the winter. After working at the UKWA Freestyle Event watching Tow in and pumping freestyle we were excited to see the forecast showing 3.7-4.2 weather for both the following monday and tuesday, which coincided with my days of luckily.

Yesterday (Monday) I scored Trench flat water perfection with Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, Max Rowe, Ric Cleworth to name but a few.

I rigged my Severne S1 3.7 and my Goya Air 99 freestyle board and battled my way down to the waters edge, We had 3 maybe 4 hours of silly overpowered freestyle. Then the wind got too much so we decided to to slalom races down to the winner buoy about 1/2 mile off of the point at West Wittering.

Then it was time for a break, after an hour waiting for the tide to rise we then had a 2 hour wave session where we all just went rather mad and were going for all sorts of twisty spinny moves!

Anyway, today is another day and we are all broken but keen to have another go but this time slightly less overpowered!

See you on the water!



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