Winter Is Here

Winter has arrived and so have the use of a 5mm wetsuit and booties. Hopefully with the wintery temperature we will get our wintery swell which there was been sighted once already last week.

Now we have shut the centre for the season at West Wittering I though it was a time for a trip to Honk Kong to see my parents. Having never seen that part of the world before I had no idea what to expect!

I have to say its really nice, the busy atmosphere and epic views are amazing and while it never shouted out to me as a windsurfing destination I was quite shocked to turn up to a white sandy beach and go blasting on a 6.7m and a 110l slalom board.

I’m out here for just over a week so exploring everyday and doing the classic holiday maker thing and taking lots of pictures but some of them are pretty epic!

Back home on Sunday to wrap up back in thermals and thick wetsuits!


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