A Hot Hot Summer and a Change of Equipment

This summer has been a damn hot one, at West Wittering beach we have been absolutely rammed with tuition, coaching and sales. Now the holidays have come to a close it was time to sell my 2013 equipment. At this point I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat about moving onto Tabou and Gaastra. The equipment I know has always been quality and Tabou especially has since I remember had some of the best shaped boards on the market.



After borrowing some equipment and giving it a test run I decided on a full quiver of Gaastra Manic sails and Tabou Da Curve boards. So far I have only had a few sessions, but from the few hours I have spent on the gear I have to say the Da Curve boards set up in thruster mode are really working well for me. The speed the board holds throughout turns the bottom turn even in the most onshore conditions is seriously impressive. Jumping the boards I am finding I am going a lot higher purely down to the fact that I am able to sail a lot faster in a lot more control. The sails are also fantastic, Super powerful, light and go very neutral during turns meaning that I am able to surf the board a little more which I think is a little more stylish than the fully overpowered turns using the sail!


Hopefully the October winds come on in full force this year, allowing me to get some decent time on the water with the opportunity to get some decent snaps finally!


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