About Me

Well, I’m James Randall, been windsurfing since I was about 14 and still loving it. I’ve been lucky enough to be supported by my family throughout with loans for kit, fuel etc.. and have windsurfed in lots different locations around the world, and many times in Dahab, Egypt. Which I have to say is probably my favourite place to windsurf after my home spot at West Wittering (the trench).

I’m From West Wittering, West Sussex, Which is where I currently live.


My background is more in sailing, that’s where it started really. Since moving to West Wittering in early 2002 I had got into racing toppers with the local sailing club, I did quite well and won a few small medals for them which is always nice.

It wasn’t until probably 2005 that I really got interested in windsurfing, This really sparked after getting a part time job at 2XS, A local windsurf shop and club in the village and at the beach. From this point onwards I gave up sailing and really pushed myself into getting good at windsurfing, it took a good few years until I was comfortable in waves.

After a few years in the waves I had visited Dahab in Egypt where freestyle windsurfing really took off for me. Until this day I am still very much into my freestyle sailing and am learning new things all of the time. I still enjoy a good wave sail when the conditions allow but give me my freestyle kit and I am a very happy man!

Over my time so far in windsurfing I competed in various different events and have done pretty well in a few of them! My most memorable rest has to be 1st youth at the UKWA wave event at West Wittering 2008/2009. It was freezing cold, Gusty offshore winds and challenging choppy conditions, some of the guys were going for forwards and crashing them, whereas I went for nice clean gybes, body drags and a few forwards, because I was consistent throughout the heat I won myself first place.

Another memorable event was when the FAT FACE UK Tour was on. Their last stop was West Wittering and we had perfect cross shore conditions for jumping and a little bit of riding. they held a mini expression session  throughout the day with Fat Face vouchers going to the guy who was most committed on the day. I must have stayed out for 6-7 hours in slightly gusty on/off conditions but it paid off with me winning the prize!

Having been in Tenerife last season i have decided this summer and winter to stay in the UK and hunt for good conditions here. I am also working for 2XS.co.uk and a windsurf instructor come Marketing Exec!


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