A Hot Hot Summer and a Change of Equipment

This summer has been a damn hot one, at West Wittering beach we have been absolutely rammed with tuition, coaching and sales. Now the holidays have come to a close it was time to sell my 2013 equipment. At this point I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat about moving onto Tabou and Gaastra. The equipment I know has always been quality and Tabou especially has since I remember had some of the best shaped boards on the market.



After borrowing some equipment and giving it a test run I decided on a full quiver of Gaastra Manic sails and Tabou Da Curve boards. So far I have only had a few sessions, but from the few hours I have spent on the gear I have to say the Da Curve boards set up in thruster mode are really working well for me. The speed the board holds throughout turns the bottom turn even in the most onshore conditions is seriously impressive. Jumping the boards I am finding I am going a lot higher purely down to the fact that I am able to sail a lot faster in a lot more control. The sails are also fantastic, Super powerful, light and go very neutral during turns meaning that I am able to surf the board a little more which I think is a little more stylish than the fully overpowered turns using the sail!


Hopefully the October winds come on in full force this year, allowing me to get some decent time on the water with the opportunity to get some decent snaps finally!


A Windless Summer, Time To Ride!

Well it hasn’t been particularly good recently for windsurfing this summer has it!

This summer I have counted 3 good sessions so far which is a little depressing, However it has meant that I can spend more time on my bike, Well I say more time, I mean more money!!! Having just rebuilt my components onto a new frame I have started to hit the jumps, downhill tracks and cross country routes again. And I must say I have loved every minute of it on the new steed!

With a sunny weekend about to hit its all about preparing ourselves for rental after rental after rental! Hoards of tourist no doubt will bare down on West Wittering. Lets hope some more wind is on its way!

A few shots from last weekend from Rebel Photographic:



Summer Is Just Around The Corner

Its been a long old winter here in the UK, freezing temperatures and little wind! On the plus side there has been a fair bit swell around. I have been pretty terrible at updating the blog but it is now time for a spring clean and a little more effort!

So far this season I have had a few good sessions, the first few were a little rusty but i’m starting to feel a little more on top of things. I have recently taken delivery on a set of MFC QS Red Custom fins fresh from Maui and so far have had only 1 session but WOW, they are pretty damn special, really really good grip through the bottom turn but nice and predictable release out of the top. I cant wait to get back onto the water with them!

This summer my time will be spent at West Wittering beach as windsurf instructor, although I will be concentrating on all aspects of tuition I hope to be providing a little bit of coaching in the waves and flat water for the more advanced windsurfer! This year I will be using Severne Blades, Severne masts and booms and Goya boards.

If you fancy some coaching or just somebody to sail with pop in and see us at West Wittering Windsurf Club the next time your down!

Winter Is Here

Winter has arrived and so have the use of a 5mm wetsuit and booties. Hopefully with the wintery temperature we will get our wintery swell which there was been sighted once already last week.

Now we have shut the centre for the season at West Wittering I though it was a time for a trip to Honk Kong to see my parents. Having never seen that part of the world before I had no idea what to expect!

I have to say its really nice, the busy atmosphere and epic views are amazing and while it never shouted out to me as a windsurfing destination I was quite shocked to turn up to a white sandy beach and go blasting on a 6.7m and a 110l slalom board.

I’m out here for just over a week so exploring everyday and doing the classic holiday maker thing and taking lots of pictures but some of them are pretty epic!

Back home on Sunday to wrap up back in thermals and thick wetsuits!


Freestyle Back Home

After 9-10 months being away in Tenerife I have arrived back home in West Wittering for the winter. After working at the UKWA Freestyle Event watching Tow in and pumping freestyle we were excited to see the forecast showing 3.7-4.2 weather for both the following monday and tuesday, which coincided with my days of luckily.

Yesterday (Monday) I scored Trench flat water perfection with Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, Max Rowe, Ric Cleworth to name but a few.

I rigged my Severne S1 3.7 and my Goya Air 99 freestyle board and battled my way down to the waters edge, We had 3 maybe 4 hours of silly overpowered freestyle. Then the wind got too much so we decided to to slalom races down to the winner buoy about 1/2 mile off of the point at West Wittering.

Then it was time for a break, after an hour waiting for the tide to rise we then had a 2 hour wave session where we all just went rather mad and were going for all sorts of twisty spinny moves!

Anyway, today is another day and we are all broken but keen to have another go but this time slightly less overpowered!

See you on the water!