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It’s been a little while since I last updated the blog. In fact it has been pretty damn busy out here in Tenerife, After the World cup visited Tenerife it seemed everyone came to the OTC. Now the centre has gotten a little quieter we have had numerous test teams visiting the centre to try and test the 2013 equipment, it had been quite interesting to test different kit back to back. It really makes you understand how they work in different conditions.

As well as lots of windsurfing I have spent a fair amount of time working with cameras trying out new ideas, settings etc…

Hopefully ahead of sorting myself out a little bit of a hobby/business when i get back to the UK

Below are a few of my favourite shots from the past month.





PWA Tenerife Warm Up

The PWA Tenerife Warm Up Session

Since the Pozo competition finished the competitors slowly made their way over to Tenerife in preparation for round 2 of the PWA World Tour.

Last night (11th July) was yet another show from the top guys and girls on the tour, This time I was behind the lens to capture some of the best moves as they prepared for today’s start. Nothing too big or spectacular as to avoid injury before the event but some slick sick moves no the less!

The Album of a few of the best shots can be found by clicking HERE

Windy Tenerife – 14/06/2012


14/06/2012, a set on Flickr.

The past week has been pretty windy out here in Tenerife, The Centre has had plenty of smiling faces and red raw hands pass through!

With BJ, our in house photographer back behind the lens all of our clients have had their windsurf holiday snaps to take back home, with the wind being so strong (average sail size being 4.5m) the staff have had chance to play in the empty playground that is the harbour wall. Last night it was BJ’s turn to get out on the water as I had injured my back and opted for the 7D and 400mm lens to get a few snaps of the guys.

Everyone has been sailing really well recently and have been learning and landing new moves left right and centre!

Fun Filled Photography and SUP’ing…

Its been quite a quiet month (May) which has given us chance to try out a few new toys out here at The Official Test Centre. We took delivery of our Red Paddle .Co SUP’s a while back but had just enough breeze to render them useless! Since having some nice calm flat days we are very very impressed by the boards, We have both the 9’6 all water and the 10’6 ‘Barge’!! Both super easy to paddle and can catch some nice little waves and the best thing is they bounce off of everything, whether that be rocks, other SUP’s or people. Recently though we have been trying the boards out in proper waves in Medano, on head high glassy sets at the point at the edge of South Bay. With flexy plastic fins turning tight wasn’t really an option but once you got used to them they were epic! The 9’6 could throw spray in the top turn while the 10’6 could gun down the line and trim up and down the wave with ease. I can 100% recommend trying these. On another note I have spent a little bit of time behind the lens again getting some nice pictures in El Cabezo on some of the lighter wind days, This time I was let loose with a lovely Cannon 7D and a super nice 100-400 lens! Check out the shots, some really nice colours and good action for a small windless wave! The forecast is looking pretty good for the following week so i’m hoping to get some sailing in and would also like to get back out with the camera and see what I can produce!

Mid May Update

So it has been a little quite here in Medano for a couple of weeks, lovely and warm but not much wind past 16 knots! Although it has been pretty nice to get on big kit and do slalom/blasting it does somehow get a little tedious. Therefore I have been doing a lot of mountain biking which has been pretty good, the level of some of the trails here are nice, quite a few good downhill section to reward you after some hefty climbs, I have found out a few times that loose ‘gravel’ over volcanic rock is rather sloppy and have washed out a few times but luckily with sufficient padding on it was ok!

I also managed to get back to the UK for a week or so which was really nice, it was nice to have that fresh ‘cool’ morning breeze that we just don’t quite get here. And of course nice to catch up with friends and family.

Now I’m back in Medano we have tarted up our centre a little more ready for the summer and have also got ourselves some nice SUP’s for the light wind days (more news on that to come!)

Yesterday was the first day, well evening of proper wind for a about 2 possibly 3 weeks, really nicely powered 5.3 weather with little waves in the bay, with the forecast looking a little weak for the following days we made the most of it.

But as I write this we have perfect side shore wind gusting 32 knots! Lovely!


See you on the water….